Sunday, August 1, 2010

Application Deadline Extended to Wednesday, August 4th

We have been notified that our artist application had an error in it and therefore many artists interested in applying to the show have had problems getting their submittals in on time..... Please help us spread the word that all submittals should be emailed to not .com as originally listed in the application.

We have corrected the problem but realize that we may have missed some applications due to this.

We are extending the deadline to Wednesday, August 4th, in hopes that those of you that emailed your images to the incorrect address will get your email back as undeliverable and will therefore apply again.

Please accept our apologies. If you happen to learn of this mishap after the new deadline, please email us your original application as we will honor it.

Thank you for understanding....

AAAF Commmittee

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